Chill E-Liquids 60ML

Chill E-Liquids 60ML

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CHILL GRAPE - An exotic mix of grapes and ripe raspberries picked freshly from the vineyard, steeped absolute perfection.

CHILL ORANGE PEACH - A splashing blend of sweet peaches, oranges and notes of mango forming a harmonious combination that will tantalize your taste buds.

CHILL LEMON LIME - A zesty and irresistible lemon lime soda freshly squeezed to perfection, leaving you refreshed and wanting more.

BLUE RASPBERRY -  A delicious and bright blue raspberry that will surprise you.

PINK DREAM - A sweet and slighty tangy, cream soda vape that will remind you of simpler times.

GOLDEN PINEAPPLE - A tropical blend of fresh pineapples, blended with orange citrus and an exotic medley of fruits.

RED BERRY - A juicy mix of Sweet Strawberries and Fresh Red Cherries, exploding with a sweet, refreshing flavour, that will send your tastebuds on a tasty fruit-filled journey.

RAINBOW PUNCH - An incredibly refreshing mix of tropical fruits, all mixed into one tropical drink! This mix of fresh squeezed pineapple juice, raspberries, strawberries, orange, Fuji apple, and a few drops of lemon extract to brighten this flavour up will be the perfect summer flavour for lounging out on the beach, or by the pool!

RASPBERRY WATERMELON - A sour raspberry candy and watermelon concoction that will surely put your tastebuds in a pleasant twist.

APPLE PEACH - A luscious blend of tart green apples and fresh peaches fused together with a sparkling candy note and twisted to perfection!

GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE - A delicious mix of zesty blood oranges and a refreshing grapefruit that is extremely satisfying to vape on.