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Original: A delicious Soda that is just like anything you can get from the beverage isle. Added in with a touch of Menthol for a slight feel of carbonation, Cola Man hits the spot for your new replacement of the real thing.

Lime: Love Cola Man? Well now grab it with a subtle Lime taste. Lime Soda brings your favorite Cola flavored E-juice and adds a spritz of Lime to brighten up your day.

Vanilla: With a creamy touch of Vanilla is Cola rendition offers a delicious and unique twist on a classic flavor.

imagine an ice cold cola, fresh out of the refrigerator on a hot summer day. Refreshing crisp cola, made to perfection for every inhale you take! The only cola flavor that gives you that real cola fizz sensation.

70% Vegetable Glycerin
30% Propylene Glycol